At Beacon Custom Homes remodeling or building a custom home is not just about construction.

From the beautiful beaches of Virginia Beach to the historic Eastern Shore, our team has been building unique homes in the Coastal Virginia Area for decades. It is someone’s dream, where memories are built and lives are spent. It doesn’t matter if you want to use a predesigned layout or start from scratch. Beacon Custom Homes wants to build your dream home tailored to your budget, wants, and needs.

About Us

Beacon Custom Homes is locally owned by three Virginia Beach natives, each uniquely talented partners with experience in construction and real estate fields. Our team takes pride in working closely with talented architects, tradespeople, suppliers, and other professionals who share our passion for building custom homes.

What We Do

Whether you want to choose one of our predesigned layouts or create a home completely from scratch, Beacon Homes will help you build your dream home within your budget. Beacon Homes has close relations with many talented architects, tradespeople, suppliers, and other professionals to ensure you have the best quality materials, designs, and craftsmanship!


We are up for any challenge and if it is one thing we truly enjoy, it’s helping you to envision your home’s full potential. Whether an addition for much-needed extra space, a conversion of existing areas or rooms into something more purposeful or spectacular or turning an older home’s interior or exterior into a more modern rendition, Beacon Custom Homes’ team is ready to dive in and help create amazing results!